Who are we really ? I mean, really ?

Who are we when no one is watching ?

I practiced yoga today, as I tend to do most Tuesdays. The instructor, Yogi G , is meditative and positive and spiritual and every positive attribute I would want in a yoga instructor.

Well what I love about today was his mention of mindfulness. Realizing who we really are, that our tomorrow is fully dependent on who we are today.

And now I am thinking, who am I?

What will my future be if I stay the same person I am right now ?

Scary thought.

A writer that I met at the local Y I work at, who is also a fellow yogi, inspires me and my writing .

She encouraged me through her blog to set a goal in my writing for the year 2015. To establish a word that I want to encompass my writing starting in the New Year.

And the word that keeps coming to mind is “vision”.

I want to write with vision.

To have vision as I write.

To know who I fully want to be and write with that purpose. To recognize the importance of my being present now so that my legacy is full and powerful and meaningful.

If I am present in this moment, if I am mindful of those that count on me and need me right now, then I feel like my vision is manifest. And will be.


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