This poem I like to call Jude from book before Revelation in the Bible. 

Made me feel like I was looking in a mirror today so I decided to write about it. 


Two sides to every coin 

How bout every person? 

One of the flesh

The other, a virgin 

One white as snow

Others give into the urge and 

How can this be?

This humanity 

One day sold out

The next, give up everything 

The written word

The song and verse 

Quick to turn Their backs

For the same old shackles 

and chains 

What’s my name?

Used to be holy 

Now I am to blame


Back to the same 

Before I was saved 

Freedom’s not free

It cost Him his life 

Can’t hide behind 

Vice after vice

Telling lies and


The one I fear 


Fight back tears 

For making his death cheap 

Price was steep

Read em and weep 



Tunnels of towering trees 
Hills on all sides

Each display of autumn proving new 

And Captured in my mind 

Until it gets lost 

But for the next turn, the next bend 

The following rows and rows 

Of greens , reds, oranges 

Against the blue backdrop of the Smokies

the sun overhead casting shadows 

A time when I don’t mind feeling insignificant 

Against the immeasurable glory of these mountains 

I hear the consistency of the brook 

Sandwiched in between both sides

It always has, is and will be 

It’s constancy a reminder of things that are

Resulting in feelings of peace, awe and thanks 

My gospel in prose 


Twisted love

View of self smudged 

Beaten down and 



Alcohol and substance 

Moved away 

Mother’s Day 

Nowhere to stay 

Moved in 

Stranger Inn

Taken advantage

Collateral damage

Put the bandage on 

With more “love”

More drugs

Almost fed up 

High level of stress 

Deflated air mattress 

“Come to my res…”


The pay phone 

Going home 

All alone 


Vow to be mean

To not be seen 



For marriage or 

At least that’s what I thought I should do 

House plus two kids

Lost interest

“I deserve more than this.”



Heart mangled 

Harsh words

Still more…

“She’s not yours!”

Same here

Commitment smeared 

No tears 


Heart’s hard


Don’t get me started 

Found freedom

When speaking

The real thing 

Love warriors 

All over

Found healing 

Piece mealing 

Me back to health 

Eventually without stealth 

Finding wealth 

In this life again 

Light revisited 

The light creeps in 

Peeps in

Through a peephole 

The smallest hint of it

Casts shadows

On all sides

One part highlighted 

Attention ignited 

On the part 

Not the whole

Darkness leaves

It flees

That one small piece

There’s more

Many more


Until the whole

Is all lit

Dark puzzle pieces fit


The light 

That glorious light

Nothing hidden 

Dark is bed ridden 

Truly living 


The light 

Creeps in 

Peeps in through a peephole 

Small yet just enough 

Revealing dust

On all sides

Light shed 

In small doses

Dark closes 



Light reveals

The mess 

In it’s glory

My story

Light gets brighter


Radiant glimmers 

Darkness slimmer

Defeat the enemy 

Fight his lies

His ties

His framing 

With vulnerability


Lips speakin’ peace




Cleaned up 

Back to dust 


Our church is planting a church in a nearby town. I decided to write about that: 
Open Bedford 

For the lepers

For the cast out

For the worn out 

For the downtrodden 

Asking “Where is God in this?”

For the seeking 

Those Pleading

People needing freeing 

To be a soft place

For all races

To open doors

For more and more

Of you God

People hurting

Hearts bursting


Where is God in this ?

So, we go

People know

Grace shown

Mind blown

Now known

Where God is in this 

He’s here

Been here

Never left

Paid the debt

No longer reprobate

Hands high

Raised high 

To arms spread wide

This is why

We come and we go

To Bedford

For the lepers 


Don’t get me

Don’t see

My empty

My need

Turned to another

A made up cover


Your pride

Plus my vain

Ended in pain

Broken by shame

For a time

Veil on

Damage done

But not again!

Smiling faces

Heart races

From staging

This pretend love

Went on too long

Too sick

Too tired

Man fired

And a liar

So done !

Veil off

Staying off

This me

May not see

But now free



Looking only

Back at me


What I see

Not another

No cover


For the first time