I wish we didn’t have to try

Have to lie

Have to hide

But it’s what we’re taught 

Is it not?

From baby to now

Put on the shroud 

On knees we bow

To expectations


Even our conversations 

It’s surface

Truth curtained 

But really hurting 

How are you?

Fine, next line ? 

It’s the same rhythm and rhyme

Can’t take it

Makes my stomach ache

When I witness fake 

I’m Cringing 

While they bingeing 

On making each other feel like they’re winning

High fives 

Over gapped thighs 


Contoured lines

Made up eyes

Glossy images

To keep reality in cages

Truth be told

Be it bold 

Not gonna fold 

Gonna play the hand 

Take a stand 

Be myself and 

Wish that it catches on 


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