No more body Shaming 2017

Read this today out of an updated rendition of “Our bodies, Ourselves”.

Made me want to give up the idea of playing a role. Playing a part.

I don’t mean dressing up for fun. I mean actually finding identity in how successful one is in this subtle, wide spread competition. 

I am denouncing any role I have played in the past. I am resigning. I will really strive this year to forget this body shaming business. This idea that the makeup companies and teeth whitening marketers and fashion designers want me to believe. This forced participation.

I am tired of hearing women complain. I’m tired of hearing myself complain. I’m tired of talking to a cardboard cutout. 

I can’t relate to it in this stage of my life. 

Cheers to no body shaming, no measuring up literally in 2017.


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