My writing process is this : 

I have a conversation with someone, think way too long and hard about it, find the teachable moment or lesson , and write about it . 
I have had three Or four such conversations today and I just keep thinking on the words, “I want to be fluent in friendship”. 

Each woman is so very different. Different triggers, hurts, pasts, current situations, divorced, single, younger, older. 

So, I guess, the bottom line for me is that in all of my relationships , I want to be fluent in being a friend that can be trusted and counted on. 

 This encompasses all of the different walks of women I encounter daily, the ones I have chosen to walk alongside and the ones that have chosen to walk alongside me. The ones that let me down, the ones that don’t. The ones that help me grow, the ones I have cultivated and poured into. The ones that I call friends.

Fluent in friendship 

Friend to the end-ship 


The written words 

Between hearts and minds 

Words written on pages or not 

Thought out 

No doubt 

That these women are worth having 

In my life

By my side 

Sink or rise 

Part of a tribe 

Of sorts 

Hear us roar 

Collectively Shutting the door 

On the things that bind us 

Wind us 



That we have each other’s back

No smack


Or balkin’


toward healing 


Layer after layer 

Til we get to the core

Of who we are 


But so much more 





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