I’m Looking out of the car window

Watching the girl looking out the car window beside me at a stop light 

Wondering if she is wondering 

All the things I currently wonder 

And I pretty much come to the conclusion 

That she isn’t 

She doesn’t know to wonder yet 

But wondering will come 

She will eventually wonder herself into 

Her future existence 

And look out of the window and wonder the same 

About the girl looking out of the car window 

At the same stop light in twenty years 



We’re guilty

It’s filthy 

How robotic 


Glazed over optics 

With our hands on devices 

Never think twice

Let it define our lives

This technology 


Now losing the ability

To think rationally 

Let it sum up identity

How we hang onto likes 

Swipe left and right

It’s how we now measure

Looking at the 




Well, here’s the good news !

Whether we have one or have many

Doesn’t have any

Real proof or meaning 

I dare us to take a day

Put it away 

Get out of the cave 

Of this social media age

actually have conversation 

Where we sit face to face 

Guarantee that phone can’t ever replace

The feeling of being present

In real time and place

Let’s grace each other with ourselves day to day

Without scrolling


Doling out likes 

Wouldn’t that be nice ? 

“Pride at its Finest”

Pride at its finest 

Your royal highness

Big on assumption 

And gumption

On how God will work


Your opinion

Black and white

Wrong and right 

Eyes shut tight 

Toward the gray 

Mayday mayday

See, it Makes us uncomfortable 

To be vulnerable 

Jaws pressed 

To imagine less 

than a flawless

Pants pressed


Of people 

So we 


This glossed over

Boxed in

And covered 




And bought 


To the highest bidder

But it’s Only a glimmer

Of the wide 




He doles out 

On all of His children 


A lot in recent events has me in this dance between absolute abhorrence but then realizing my responsibility is that much greater. 

Talked to a friend today , a friend that shares differing political views than me. This is ok. Absolutely ok. 

He asked me my thoughts. I gave them without sprinkling a sugar coating over top, of course. But followed up with my now realization that it is absolutely up to me.

To be informed.

To immerse myself in things I’m uncomfortable with.

To really delve into what this means for me and my family. 

So, I had this conversation this week that I couldn’t get over. Without giving major details, this friend/acquaintance of mine works at a very stressful position in linking up children and families with necessary things. She is currently working with a family that includes a mother who has fled her country. A mother who has slept in trash bags while fleeing for her family’s safety. A “refugee” or “immigrant” or “illegal alien”. 

I rather prefer to call her a woman. A mom. A FIGHTER. Strong. Courageous. Brave. 

I tell you this because of the following. 

We all are friends here on social media, in person, on the Internet , in public. And we all hold very strong beliefs , which likely won’t be swayed through this post or any other. BUT!!!!!!! 

There is always a face.

There is a face to the woman.

There are faces to her children. 

There is a face that belongs to the woman working with the family.

There are faces to these immigrants, illegal aliens. There are faces to the Muslim family. There is a face that belongs to the homosexual. 

I think sometimes our labels come without a face,Without realizing that these are ACTUAL people we are talking about. Not cartoon characters. Not characters in a book. Not people in some far away, imaginary land.

No, real, alive, breathing mankind.

So I wrote the following: 


Of places 

They’ve been 

Where they were unhinged 

Being binged 

By the lustful



The faces 

The races 

Of His people 

The equal

That we feel the need to 


The faces 

That hold tears 


And a thousand fears 

We will never have to know

The blow of

Status quo 

May we starting saying no 

And open our homes

And our hearts 

And our hands

For this is our fellow man: 

All The faces 

With all The traces

On all The races

From all The places

Grace is 

Getting what we don’t deserve 

Ball with a curve


Was Wrecked 

But love affected 

Our very checkered 


Isn’t this the same He

That can set free ? 

“THAT” humanity 

Stop the policy 

And the degrees

Modern day slavery 

And just be 

The we 

That heeds 

To the needs 

Of the faces 

With grace. 

Thanks for reading . ☺️☺️
(And watching if you look below) 


It’s insanity 

No amnesty 

Just villanies

For humanity

I may seem radical

But I’m simply human

Can’t take it 

Cause I’m fuming 

Either that or I’m crying

Cause they’re dying

The timing 

The fake crimes and

I’m trying 

To hold it in

Not popular opinion 

In this town 

Skin isn’t Brown

So I found myself bound

And ideas shut down

These ideals


And pushed hard just to cosign

Not think for myself

But sign on the line

But when I look at mankind

Can’t help but see the design

Can’t turn a blind eye

Or an open one no less

I will not be quiet

Start a peaceful riot

One that begins conversation

Starts persuasion

Shuts down manipulation 

Stops the comparison

Opens eyes to the marginalized





And begin To 



Humanizing another simply means seeing another individual as a human. Along with that is possibly just the acknowledgement that they be treated as such.

Who can argue with that? No, seriously, who?