We’re guilty

It’s filthy 

How robotic 


Glazed over optics 

With our hands on devices 

Never think twice

Let it define our lives

This technology 


Now losing the ability

To think rationally 

Let it sum up identity

How we hang onto likes 

Swipe left and right

It’s how we now measure

Looking at the 




Well, here’s the good news !

Whether we have one or have many

Doesn’t have any

Real proof or meaning 

I dare us to take a day

Put it away 

Get out of the cave 

Of this social media age

actually have conversation 

Where we sit face to face 

Guarantee that phone can’t ever replace

The feeling of being present

In real time and place

Let’s grace each other with ourselves day to day

Without scrolling


Doling out likes 

Wouldn’t that be nice ? 


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