I wasn’t meant for hiding 



Chastising my inner 

For what was hidden 


I wasn’t meant to play 

This hide and seek game

Where you know me by name 

But don’t truly know me 

I wasn’t made for highlight reels 

Just so you could get an 

Unreal feel 

Of who I am 

I wasn’t made to live in darkness 


Parked there 

Bystanders Unaware 

Or when exposed 

“Look out, beware”

I was made for the open 

The light 

And the hoping 

I was made to help focus

Hocus pocus 

Our attention on what’s magical 

A fully, vulnerable soul 

The things you don’t learn at school 

See, we’ve been made to be quiet 

But “not I” says the woman 

Who was truant 

Now fluent 

In imperfections 

And flaws

Without pause 

For I wasn’t meant for hiding.


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