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One Thousand White Women

I feel like if you want to learn some good life nuggets, start a fight. 

For someone.

For a people group. 

Or against someone that wasn’t your person. 

(And by fight , I hardly mean to be an aggressor. Rather, drown out those tapes with those same voices from that person that never was your person.) 

If you want to learn some truth about yourself, wage a war against voices saying what you have to be, look like or act like.

I feel like then you will be stripped and left with truth and wisdom to go forward.

You will no longer reflect all those “shoulds”, “woulds” and “coulds”.

Am is all that will be left.

Below is a quote from the current book I’m reading :

“In my case, war was a stern teacher of truth, if not wisdom.” 

-Jim Fergus, “One Thousand White Women”