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Wasn’t only a dream

More like a scheme

To see

IF I would break

I remember your hands

How they meant to do evil

An upheaval 

Of me

One of your own

As you sat on the throne

Of authority

Keeping me

From experiencing free

I remember learning young that love wasn’t real

Not something you feel

Just words


Free of meaning

Had to fight 

To scratch the surface

Of true purpose

Remember saying we were worthless?

Guess you won for a time

Waved my white flag in surrender



At least a thousand times over

Let their hands

Their words

Their bodies do evil

Personally engaged in my own upheaval 

It’s amazing

How the games changed

After years of absence

Now a passive


Of this abusive


You’re panicked

Because I remember

An ember

A small flame

Inside my members

That renders 

My self worthy

Not a flurry

But a fury of fight


Plus sight


Because I remember

And won’t let it happen tonight 


We the people 

We are the people 

Every single one of us 

“The scum” of us 

The mill of the run of us 

The ones that think they’re wonderous 

See, we’ve been hypnotized 



Those that aren’t similar 

But that’s pitiful 

See, we all got this one thing in common

And it’s our bond 

No magic wand 

We are people 

All hearts beating 

With the rhythm of the next one 

Put down the guns 

Open arms to each one 

No matter race 

Religion chased 

Different tastes 

Let’s make haste 

To see each other as people 

To meet at the steeple 

Have revival as equals 

– makes me think of Aleppo… Don’t turn blind, open wide, to worldwide hatred. Do something.