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I’m Looking out of the car window

Watching the girl looking out the car window beside me at a stop light 

Wondering if she is wondering 

All the things I currently wonder 

And I pretty much come to the conclusion 

That she isn’t 

She doesn’t know to wonder yet 

But wondering will come 

She will eventually wonder herself into 

Her future existence 

And look out of the window and wonder the same 

About the girl looking out of the car window 

At the same stop light in twenty years 



Who are we really ? I mean, really ?

Who are we when no one is watching ?

I practiced yoga today, as I tend to do most Tuesdays. The instructor, Yogi G , is meditative and positive and spiritual and every positive attribute I would want in a yoga instructor.

Well what I love about today was his mention of mindfulness. Realizing who we really are, that our tomorrow is fully dependent on who we are today.

And now I am thinking, who am I?

What will my future be if I stay the same person I am right now ?

Scary thought.

A writer that I met at the local Y I work at, who is also a fellow yogi, inspires me and my writing .

She encouraged me through her blog to set a goal in my writing for the year 2015. To establish a word that I want to encompass my writing starting in the New Year.

And the word that keeps coming to mind is “vision”.

I want to write with vision.

To have vision as I write.

To know who I fully want to be and write with that purpose. To recognize the importance of my being present now so that my legacy is full and powerful and meaningful.

If I am present in this moment, if I am mindful of those that count on me and need me right now, then I feel like my vision is manifest. And will be.