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My biggest fear

My biggest fear

Is regret

Having wept

At the end

Cause of all my pretending

And lending


Waiting for life to happen

While I’m napping

Being a host

on someone else’s show

Funny how host has a second meaning

And I’m leaning toward this one


Taking the life right out

Due to doubt

Being proud

Screaming ‘I’m finally awake’

Wide awake

Laid to rest in my bed

While Staring down death

With no option of ‘what next’

But rather being met

With fret

And regret


Thankfully it hasn’t happened yet

There’s still time.


Let Us Not Be Careful


Of the careful

That’s what got you

into this mess

‘Take care’

‘Don’t you dare’


But what ever happened

To go in peace


Now this constant message

Of wreckage

Unless our decisions

Lead to safe destinations

Through careful consideration


Fear laced

With a side of chaste

Making haste

Quick gait

To the closest cage

Where it’s safe

That’s our fate

Unless us arriving

At ourselves

Can be met

By taking risk


Fear out

With reasonable doubt

Day in day out


That we will never arrive

When taking

That worry laden



What can we


From the unseen

I mean

It could testify to

Our own identity

For that which we reject

We must inspect

And I detect

That the introspection

Will lead us to a speck

Of truth

And growth

For what stays hidden

Does so because of fear

Afraid of the




But just think

What led us here

And to get to there

We must be aware

Of why we are so scared

To let down our hair


I wasn’t meant for hiding 



Chastising my inner 

For what was hidden 


I wasn’t meant to play 

This hide and seek game

Where you know me by name 

But don’t truly know me 

I wasn’t made for highlight reels 

Just so you could get an 

Unreal feel 

Of who I am 

I wasn’t made to live in darkness 


Parked there 

Bystanders Unaware 

Or when exposed 

“Look out, beware”

I was made for the open 

The light 

And the hoping 

I was made to help focus

Hocus pocus 

Our attention on what’s magical 

A fully, vulnerable soul 

The things you don’t learn at school 

See, we’ve been made to be quiet 

But “not I” says the woman 

Who was truant 

Now fluent 

In imperfections 

And flaws

Without pause 

For I wasn’t meant for hiding.

What a Girl Wants (or a boy) 

Isn’t it simple ?
The desires of children 
To be known
But not in that sense 
Someone to take ownership 
To claim them
To name them
To frame them 
Their minds 
Their hearts 
Their likes
Their wants 
Aren’t they looking for knowledge ?
But not that of the world
But rather their world 
Every little boy and girl
That we notice each curl
That we look them in the eye
See them as a prize 
A gift
A treasure 
That we measure 
Them by their cans
 Not their cannots 
Or who they “ought” to be 
Aren’t they looking to me ? 



Is key

To our “we”


None of this me

Before you

Equality is the glue

Between us

Not one better

A relational fetter

Then I let it fester

Hold it all in

Try to reel it in


Where I give in

And you win

Relationship strained

I’m drained



Let it hide


In this unhealthy version of us

Can’t discuss

For fear

Of losing what’s left of us

So I keep it smooth sailing

Always failing

To hit the nail on

The head

So I Play dead