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Yes, you’re telling me but not really 

Because we aren’t quite free

To speak

of that which holds us

So I’m telling myself


Eat right

Fight the urge and purge

It’ll get better

but then it doesn’t

So, I’m stressed to the max

and it’s seen in my actions

Depression and rage times a thousand

You should see me behind closed doors

Man, you would be floored

If you witnessed

Even a hint of it

But, it’s kinda taboo

To discuss

A less than perfect version

So what’s left?

Unrest and anxiety

More pressure to please

Less freedom to be

Fear of being seen

With all my imperfections

So I dare not speak

Of the hidden Inner

That’s riddled with tension

and I’ll keep on pretending

until I’ve sought the one that renders

Me as exceedingly perfect

till the hurtful is no longer worth it

till I expose those

Things that he chose to go 

to the cross for 

and when He rose, He showed

How the imperfect becomes perfect

How the depression becomes redemption

How He chose another ending

Without apprehesion

because He saw me as a treasure

Now, how’s that for value?

And it changed up the game

that I am no longer lame

But now I have the freedom to change!



This poem I like to call Jude from book before Revelation in the Bible. 

Made me feel like I was looking in a mirror today so I decided to write about it. 


Two sides to every coin 

How bout every person? 

One of the flesh

The other, a virgin 

One white as snow

Others give into the urge and 

How can this be?

This humanity 

One day sold out

The next, give up everything 

The written word

The song and verse 

Quick to turn Their backs

For the same old shackles 

and chains 

What’s my name?

Used to be holy 

Now I am to blame


Back to the same 

Before I was saved 

Freedom’s not free

It cost Him his life 

Can’t hide behind 

Vice after vice

Telling lies and


The one I fear 


Fight back tears 

For making his death cheap 

Price was steep

Read em and weep