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Soul Soil

Soul soil A new phrase I’ve coined

To give me a visual 

Of what to take in

And what to leave out

don’t doubt me on this 

there won’t be a test

at least not one that’s written 

This soul soil 

If it’s rich

Can promote


And hope

As its massaged in His hands

And then sifted

Made sure to spread evenly

To keep even the dark corners clean

To foster new meaning

this soul soil

Is ample


For even the most temperamental



Hard headed

And stuck

it is gleaned from the Father

not my contoured

Conjured up fodder

He gives it

Keeps it

Sustains it

Reaps it

For the soul soil is for Him

For Him to take root

make new


away pests

Wreaking havoc

On depth 

Of our souls!




Yes, you’re telling me but not really 

Because we aren’t quite free

To speak

of that which holds us

So I’m telling myself


Eat right

Fight the urge and purge

It’ll get better

but then it doesn’t

So, I’m stressed to the max

and it’s seen in my actions

Depression and rage times a thousand

You should see me behind closed doors

Man, you would be floored

If you witnessed

Even a hint of it

But, it’s kinda taboo

To discuss

A less than perfect version

So what’s left?

Unrest and anxiety

More pressure to please

Less freedom to be

Fear of being seen

With all my imperfections

So I dare not speak

Of the hidden Inner

That’s riddled with tension

and I’ll keep on pretending

until I’ve sought the one that renders

Me as exceedingly perfect

till the hurtful is no longer worth it

till I expose those

Things that he chose to go 

to the cross for 

and when He rose, He showed

How the imperfect becomes perfect

How the depression becomes redemption

How He chose another ending

Without apprehesion

because He saw me as a treasure

Now, how’s that for value?

And it changed up the game

that I am no longer lame

But now I have the freedom to change!


I wasn’t meant for hiding 



Chastising my inner 

For what was hidden 


I wasn’t meant to play 

This hide and seek game

Where you know me by name 

But don’t truly know me 

I wasn’t made for highlight reels 

Just so you could get an 

Unreal feel 

Of who I am 

I wasn’t made to live in darkness 


Parked there 

Bystanders Unaware 

Or when exposed 

“Look out, beware”

I was made for the open 

The light 

And the hoping 

I was made to help focus

Hocus pocus 

Our attention on what’s magical 

A fully, vulnerable soul 

The things you don’t learn at school 

See, we’ve been made to be quiet 

But “not I” says the woman 

Who was truant 

Now fluent 

In imperfections 

And flaws

Without pause 

For I wasn’t meant for hiding.



To be silenced
It’s inner violence 
Being forced to withhold
A story to be told
A crushing of the inner 
A bleeding under skin and 
A heart growing dim 
She’s becoming a shadow 
A piece or a part
Not a whole 
Never whole 
Deep within the soul 
She’s Scared to make known 
What she’s been shown 
Her cover is blown 
When she takes the lid off 
How she was Forced to eat from the trough 
A Choke and cough 
From these scraps of love 
if it can be called that ? 
It was rather more like bits 
Next “hits”
And their leftovers 
Can She Do overs ?
And hangovers 
These all meant to stifle 
Take out the rifle 
To Fire a shot 
At her voice 
That’s now here 
Loud and clear.

“Pride at its Finest”

Pride at its finest 

Your royal highness

Big on assumption 

And gumption

On how God will work


Your opinion

Black and white

Wrong and right 

Eyes shut tight 

Toward the gray 

Mayday mayday

See, it Makes us uncomfortable 

To be vulnerable 

Jaws pressed 

To imagine less 

than a flawless

Pants pressed


Of people 

So we 


This glossed over

Boxed in

And covered 




And bought 


To the highest bidder

But it’s Only a glimmer

Of the wide 




He doles out 

On all of His children